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Our Mission:

As a boutique Wall Street consultant, our goal is to assist our clients in accomplishing what the best and largest firms do within a fraction of the cost and time. Our team includes former top executives with the biggest names on Wall Street with decades of experiece. Our experts are on the Trading Floor of the New York Stock Exchange and are regularly consulted for advice and comment by the most prominant global market trackers including, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, CCTV, Russian TV, CNBC Europe, CNN, Fox, Investors Business Daily, Forbes, Financial Times, Sky News Australia, etc. This gives us a superior ability to advise and consult over competition on promoting our clients interests.

Our Commitment

Wall Street Capital Partners is dedicated to assisting clients who are seeking rapid expansion through investments, financings, mergers, acquisitions and dynamic growth strategies.  Our global experience, coupled with 35 years of daily, hands-on work from the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange equip us with the knowledge and connections to quickly and economically meet our clients goals.

Moreover, we go the extra mile by offering our clients assistance in mitigating risk with hedging strategies like precious metals and gaining liquidity through stock collateralized loans.  Finally, for our overseas clients, we offer solid EB-5 investment vehicles.

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